Friday, March 20

EB Swap - Update Photo

Alright, here it is as promised, my lil possum wearing her EB clothes made from DaniL :)

ETA - couldn't resist putting a pic of lil Jas asleep, passed out minutes after the first one was taken (poor thing was so tired, hence no happy smile like she usually has)


  1. Ahhhhh SOOOO cute Romi!
    Look at those cheeks!

  2. I couldn't get her to smile, she kept trying to come to get me and the camera while her uncle tried to keep her standing. She's all passed out now in bed and looks so cute, maybe I'll go take another pic.

  3. Oh my, she looks just adorable - I love the sleeping shot, so sweet.

  4. Awww Im in love with her! Im such a suck for babies!

  5. So cute!
    Dani did such a great job with that outfit - two for one with the skirt, and the bird is so sweet!