Friday, March 20

EB Swap - My partner, twinklemoon!

So the partner that I sewed for was twinklemoon's little blue fish :) Check out her blog to see what I made!

I can't wait for our next swap!

Here's some of my pics, though seriously check the link above for cute action pics!

This is how I wrapped it up, including my little card (It was folded. Don't ya love the dragonfly? It's so cute! - sorry about the photo being sideways though.)

This is the scoodie (scarf + hoodie) it looks great on (again. check twinklemoons blog! her son makes a great lil model!) Though I just made up the pattern as I went (I'd made one previously for Jasmine, so I guess I'd done it before.. just in a larger size this time). I made cute little bear ears too this time :)

This is the lion design that my boyfriend made up for me, I just had to print it on my special paper and iron it onto the shirt. I was a bit disappointed that the transparent section was tinted instead of clear, but ah well.

These are the overalls I made. It had so many things to sew! like 18 pieces to cut out and put together, plus all the button holes and top-stitching. I only used a single needle, but next time I'm definitely going to try a twin-needle and save half the time.

Here's a bit of a closeup of the fabric and buttons on the overalls:


  1. Wow Romi - ALL THAT TOPSTITCHING!!!!!!!
    Man, you did challenge yourself all right!
    I've been dying to see the whole outfit.
    You did wonderfully well.
    Super cute!

  2. Just wondering, with the print did you do it on the printer? Ive read a few things about that lately and was wondering how it works...

  3. Thanks Becanne! :) I appreciate the comments, they're very inspiring and encouraging!

    Miss Amy - Yep, it's quite easy. You just print it out onto some special iron-on-transfer paper instead of normal paper, then you cut around the print and iron it onto the shirt. You can get the paper from Office Works, though it costs about $30 for 10 sheets.

  4. Romi you should be so proud of yourself for this outfit - it really is fabulous.

    The overalls are amazing - not only the top-stitching but also all the details such as the faux fly and buttonholes.

    I adore the scoodie - want to make one for my littlest for winter - when I get around to it!!

    Beginner - I don't think so!