Monday, June 8

Green Feliz

I've finally -almost- finished this Feliz dress. All I need to do is a white ruffle along the bottom hem of the underdress - I would have done it tonight but I've ran out of white cotton. Anyway, I couldn't wait to share the photos so here it is! Tell me what you think :)

Also, in a previous post you'll see that I also made a matching headscarf :)

(Click on the photos for a larger picture)

Front of the dress:

Back of the dress:

Shoulder detail:

Apron hem detail:

Back detail:

Friday, June 5

Feliz in action

I decided it was a shame that Jasmine can't wear her dress as we're going out to a friends farewell tonight, so on the advice of the lovely lady at the local sewing shop, I sewed up some ties to draw the shoulders in and I topstitched the bottom white ruffle.. and I'm stoked with it :) I think the only other thing I would have done to change this dress is possibly a white flower applique on the front of the apron chest. Anyway, here's a pic of my daughter modeling it :)

(Yes, she's eating a toothbrush, she loves to brush her teeth and wouldn't let it go!)