Friday, March 20

EB swap - opening day!

So I've been participating in my first sewing swap with a group of lovely ladies from EssentialBaby. There's a heap of us involved and we're all sewing an item for someone else. It has been one of the best challenges I've had lately, as I chose to make a complex garment simply because I thought "it looked cool" hahaha.. I'd say it was a big mistake, but it wasn't because I learned so much.

Anyway.. my package has been sent off and I'm waiting eagerly to see if the person I sewed it for likes it. I'm worried about how it will fit, I have a feeling it might be too big, but at least her son can grow into it!

Here's the beautifully package I received myself from the lovely DaniL :) I couldn't wait to open it! And the card is just gorgeous, so are the ribbons and fabric!

And here's the ultra soft and cuddling bonds t-shirt with this adorable birdie applique!

And here's the matching -reversible- skirt!

Tell me that isn't the most beautiful handmade outfit you've ever seen, I'm stoked and can't wait to dress my lil girl up in it, it looks like a perfect fit! I'll put it on after her bath and upload some more photos soon.

Thank you so much Dani!! I love it and really appreciate your choice of clothes and patterns and how well it was made too :) Thanks for making this a really enjoyable first swap!


  1. Oh this is lovely! I love the reversible skirt! What a great idea. Well done Dani.
    I am sure your parcel will be loved as well Romijade.

  2. Im so glad you like it, I had a lot of issues as I wanted to make a winter outfit, but couldnt find any suitable fabrics in my little town, so in the end I just picked fabric I loved and went with it. Sorry the top is not made, I had not takled strech sewing and didnt think anyone should be subject to one of my firsts LOL.

    Cant wait to see it on your princess.

  3. wow! what a swap!! well done Dani!!

  4. Wow, the reversible skirt is just gorgeous and a fantastic idea!!! How cute is the little bird applique too, awesome job Dani!

  5. Just gorgeous. Dani - are you taking orders??? ha ha. Now I want to go out and make one. Fantastic job. Fabric choice is just beautiful.

  6. Adorable - love the applique - your own design Dani?? Clever girl if it is!
    Love the skirt too the fabrics you choose are gorgeous.

  7. Very adorable. The applique is so cute and I love the fabrics in the skirt. Well done Dani!