Saturday, November 13

Moving Blogs

Hi! If you've stumbled across my blog, please let me redirect you to my new one:


Thursday, July 9

New Blog

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm moving to a new blog here:

Thanks and I hope to see you there!


Monday, June 8

Green Feliz

I've finally -almost- finished this Feliz dress. All I need to do is a white ruffle along the bottom hem of the underdress - I would have done it tonight but I've ran out of white cotton. Anyway, I couldn't wait to share the photos so here it is! Tell me what you think :)

Also, in a previous post you'll see that I also made a matching headscarf :)

(Click on the photos for a larger picture)

Front of the dress:

Back of the dress:

Shoulder detail:

Apron hem detail:

Back detail:

Friday, June 5

Feliz in action

I decided it was a shame that Jasmine can't wear her dress as we're going out to a friends farewell tonight, so on the advice of the lovely lady at the local sewing shop, I sewed up some ties to draw the shoulders in and I topstitched the bottom white ruffle.. and I'm stoked with it :) I think the only other thing I would have done to change this dress is possibly a white flower applique on the front of the apron chest. Anyway, here's a pic of my daughter modeling it :)

(Yes, she's eating a toothbrush, she loves to brush her teeth and wouldn't let it go!)

Thursday, May 7

This is what the invites look like

Just wanted to show the insides of the invites, now that they're finished:

Monday, April 6

Dresses galore

These are the dresses my mum has been working on. I want to give one of them to our friends daughter for Easter, but the other three are gonna go up for sale. Which one should I give to our friend?

Some of them aren't finished yet but I'll explain with each pic:

The first dress is a green tunic with flowers on it - it just needs some buttons.
The second dress just needs a pink ribbon sewn around where the top of the dress meets the skirt.

Checkout the detail:

The sunflower dress is finished and has vibrant orange blanket stitching (see closeup) as does the pink dress, though the pink dress was bought and just embroidered to make it have more contrast.

Click on the pics for bigger images :) Let me know what you think!

Friday, March 20

EB Swap - My partner, twinklemoon!

So the partner that I sewed for was twinklemoon's little blue fish :) Check out her blog to see what I made!

I can't wait for our next swap!

Here's some of my pics, though seriously check the link above for cute action pics!

This is how I wrapped it up, including my little card (It was folded. Don't ya love the dragonfly? It's so cute! - sorry about the photo being sideways though.)

This is the scoodie (scarf + hoodie) it looks great on (again. check twinklemoons blog! her son makes a great lil model!) Though I just made up the pattern as I went (I'd made one previously for Jasmine, so I guess I'd done it before.. just in a larger size this time). I made cute little bear ears too this time :)

This is the lion design that my boyfriend made up for me, I just had to print it on my special paper and iron it onto the shirt. I was a bit disappointed that the transparent section was tinted instead of clear, but ah well.

These are the overalls I made. It had so many things to sew! like 18 pieces to cut out and put together, plus all the button holes and top-stitching. I only used a single needle, but next time I'm definitely going to try a twin-needle and save half the time.

Here's a bit of a closeup of the fabric and buttons on the overalls: