Friday, June 5

Feliz in action

I decided it was a shame that Jasmine can't wear her dress as we're going out to a friends farewell tonight, so on the advice of the lovely lady at the local sewing shop, I sewed up some ties to draw the shoulders in and I topstitched the bottom white ruffle.. and I'm stoked with it :) I think the only other thing I would have done to change this dress is possibly a white flower applique on the front of the apron chest. Anyway, here's a pic of my daughter modeling it :)

(Yes, she's eating a toothbrush, she loves to brush her teeth and wouldn't let it go!)


  1. Ohhh Its just beautiful! Well Done!

  2. Seriously Romi you should be so very proud of yourself! It just looks stunning on Jasmine.

    LOVE LOVE this pattern and really need to get the guts up to try it I think

  3. Just saw your thread on EB. I just had to say that your dress looks amazing, snaps to you ;)

  4. The Feliz looks even better on Jas! She is such a cutie.